Four Days in Helsinki – Nuuksio

There is one thing that strikes you straight away on arriving in Helsinki, Finland – how clean and pristine the air feels, and how fresh the water is even straight from the tap at home. Perhaps this is even more the case when arriving from a big dirty city like London. When you leave the central Helsinki and travel just 45 minutes to the forest, this feeling of freshness is just amazing all around you. The air smells earthy and yet fresh like pine forest and flowers. There is something different about nature here, it feels a little more wild and unspoilt. My Finnish friend always tells me that the best thing about summer here is that everyone goes to their summer house near the forest where they live simply among nature, enjoying saunas and swimming in the lake, picking wild blueberries and spending slow quality time with family and friends. This day in the forest at Nuuksio National Park gave us a little taste of that life. We found ourselves calm and content, connected to the earth amongst these tall trees…home and never wanting to leave.

During our trip to HelsinkiFinland we also visited Suomenlinna Island Fortress and explored more of Helsinki city.

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